1. Code

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2. Optical imaging data sets

- Light field for hologram synthesize:

- [Bear toy] and [Foots] in “Parameter analysis of integral Fourier hologram and its resolution enhancement”Optics Express, 18(3):2152-2167, 2010.  

- [Dice] in “Resolution comparison between integral–imaging–based hologram synthesis methods using rectangular and hexagonal lens arrays” Optics Express, 19(27):26917-26927, 2011.

- [Rabbit]

- Focal sweep images:

- [Tecent logo] in “High resolution Fourier hologram synthesis from photographic images through computing the light field”Applied Optics, 55(7):1751-1756, 2016. 

- [OFCin “Analysis of the noise in back-projection light field acquisition and its optimization”Applied Optics, 56(13):F20–F26, 2017.  


3. Latex Template