1. Light field

Camera simulator 

– Simple camera simulator with [Gaussian point spread function].

– Conventional camera simulator based on [ray projection] for a point cloud 3D object.

Light Field

– [Light field camera] simulator from a 3D point cloud object.

– Light field operation functions: [refocus], [propagation], [4D to 2D], [2D to 4D], [elemental to sub], [sub to elemental]

– Light field imaging based on depth measurements, including light field reconstruction with back-projection (LFBP) approaches and light field moment imaging (LFMI).

2. Holography

– Diffraction functions (Matlab)

– Digital Holography

– Twin-image problem solution: [iterative]

– DC term suppression with the [iterative] approach.

Synthesized Hologram from

– light field (view images):[code]; data:[Bear toy], [Foots], [Dice], [Rabbit]

– depth images: [code], data: [Tecent logo], [OFC]

– Hologram Encoding

– Phase encoding: [Kinoform, double phase, Checkerboard]

– Amplitude encoding: [ Reference, LohmanIII, Detour-Phase]

– Complex encoding: [ROACH]

– Color hologram encoding: [depth division, space division, space division inline, space division phase only]

– Hologram deconvolution

3. Phase retrieval

– Iterative

– Analytical

4. Others

– Image measurement functions (Matlab)

– Basic math functions (Matlab)

– NSFC LaTex template (2017), Download links:   Github