Light Field

  • Light field acquisition with lens array

  • Light field acquisition with depth sweeping approach

   Light field reconstruction from images captured by focal plane sweeping can achieve high lateral resolution comparable to the modern camera sensor. However, the severe defocus noise and the low depth resolution limit its applications. In this work, we analyze the defocus noise in the focal plane sweeping based light field reconstruction technique, and propose a method to reduce the defocus noise.

 Published papers:

Ni Chen, Zhenbo Ren, Dayan Li, Edmund Y. Lam, and Guohai Situ, “Analysis of the noise in back-projection light field acquisition and its optimization,” Applied Optics 56(13):F20-F26, 2017.

  • Light field display with Integral Imaging

Computational imaging

  • Camera simulator

 – Camera Simulator based on light field propagation

We made a virtual camera simulator based on the light filed transformation. The 3D object center is supposed be at the reference focal plane, the light field of the object at the reference plane thus can be calculated. By propagating the light field with the free space transform matrix with the object distance, lens transform matrix, free space transform matrix with the image distance, the light field at the sensor can be obtained. This simulator is useful for techniques based on photographic images, such as coded aperture, light field reconstruction from photographic images.

– Camera Simulator based on convolution approach
ofc – Simulator for Integral imaging